What is a Dedicated IP Address?

What is a Dedicated IP Address?

An IP address is a number like that identifies the unique server where a website can be found.

As a reseller, you have an IP address that is shared between your web site and the web sites that you sell.

By selling your users Dedicated IP addresses, they can enable their sites for e-commerce and other advanced capabilities, and they minimize the risk of being impacted by other sites on your shared server.

  • So they can enable SSL on their web sites

SSL Certificates are crucial if they have a business oriented website, especially if they want to accept secure transactions like credit card payments or sending personal information through their site. Secure SSL Certificates require a site to have a Dedicated IP in order to work.


  • Ability to run more software on your server

Certain programs require a dedicated IP address before they can be setup and used. With a dedicated IP your customers will have more options on the type of scripts they can run.


  • Ability to open non-standard ports

Purchasing a dedicated IP will allow you to grant them access to additional ports they may need to run special services on that are blocked for shared IPs.

  • So you and your customers won't be negatively impacted by the actions of others

On a shared IP, if someone else sharing your same IP happens to get blocked by IP or censored, as some countries or ISPs sometimes do, their IP (and yours) could get banned or blacklisted, causing problems for your web site or search engine rankings.


  • Your customer's websites may perform better in the search engines

Although difficult to prove, many people believe that sites with a dedicated IP address rank better in the search engine results than those utilizing shared IP addresses.


  • Your customers can view their web site by typing its IP address

This is handy for situations where they want to access their site, but their domain name is inaccessible, such as during domain name propagation periods.

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