Frequently Asked Questions - :

1. For Rs.4999 How many pages will be the website?

Ans: We give only 3 page Website for FREE, We will just update your content given by you to the template which you have selected in the registration process. (Extra page extra Cost).


2. How can I get FREE Business cards ?

Ans: For FREE Business cards you have to send the card design. We deliver Business cards only in India. (Courier charges extra).  


3. How can I redeem Facebook coupon?

Ans: Facebook coupon are only for Credit Card users as Facebook accepts only Credit cards, users have to authenticate their Facebook account with Credit card to redeem the coupon.


4.  In FREE SEO service what do you offer?

Ans: We offer only ONSITE SEO and sitemap submission to Google. We also offer OFFESITE SEO at extra cost.


5. How can I redeem Google coupon?

Ans: We will redeem the Google coupon to your Google Account directly and we run you campaign for up to 10days.


6. What is the validity of Facebook and Google coupon?

Ans: Both Facebook and Google coupon is valid up to 15 days, so you have use it within 15 days.


7. What kinds of domain do you provide for 4999?

Ans: FREE Domain Registration applies to the following extensions only: .in,,,,.com,.net,.org,.info,,


8. After 1 year what are the Charges?

Ans: You will be charged Rs.2500 yearly for Web Hosting, Domain name.


9. Can i add more pages to the site? What are the costs?

Ans: We will give you complete access to the Control Panel, so you can add more pages,( Designing per page will cost extra).


10. Can i change from 4999 package to dynamic website?

Ans: Yes you can upgrade your site whenever you want.

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