These Business Solutions Can Help Your Marketing Intelligence

As a business owner in an increasingly competitive market, one must take effective measures for sustenance and growth. Any decision that you take must be a result of meticulous planning backed by strong analytics. This is the reason why most of the business owners these days are incorporating smart solutions for their businesses.

Smart solutions are software packages that help us come up with effective solutions to existing problems without wasting unnecessary resources in the form of time and efforts.It is not always necessary that these softwares perform analytical tasks, but may also help you to connect with people, build a reputation, and effectively launch your product in the market.

Let us have a look at these must-have marketing solutions, and how they can help you achieve the desired business growth.


1. Little Bird

If you’re looking at a product in the market or looking to boost the sales of your existing products, then Little Bird is highly recommended. It is a platform which helps you build connections with people that have a strong influence on the market. LittleBird lets you connect with the top industry insiders and influencers who can help you promote your product.

It regularly keeps sending you a list of people that you should connect with. This is a bit different as compared to conventional methods, because in this case, the marketers receive the necessary information, unlike the traditional methods where the prospects generally receive the information they are looking for.


2. Traackr

Businesses these days are becoming increasingly aware of the role of influencers in promoting their goods and services strategically. However, it is an arduous task to find the right influencers and connect with them. Traackr contains a list of all the possible influencers and promoters in your domain of business and lets you connect with them easily.

Identifying the right influencers and building relationships with them is the key to a flourishing business. Traackr does exactly the same. This is the reason why it is being recommended by industry experts as a great tool for marketing.


3. BeyondVerbal

In simple words, it is one of the most useful upcoming technologies that lets you predict what’s going on in the minds of your customers/clients. Although it may sound quite far-fetched, but what BeyondVerbal is doing is a thing of the future. On the basis of a person’s voice, gestures and facial expressions, it can predict what the person might actually be thinking.

There are multiple ways in which it can help you. For instance, if your customer seems upset, it can redirect the call to customer support. It can help you gauge the level of interest that a client has in your product, make assumptions about the potentials in your competitors and so on. It is an innovation that looks at taking over  the existing voice-enabled, voice-activated and voice-controlled devices. Hence, it is essential that you get your hands on this amazing technology and move a step ahead of your competitors.


4. Twtrland

If you’re looking to improve your marketing game, it is quite important to know who influences your potential clients the most, and who are able to connect with them first. Twtrland is a software that lets you find social influencers, build meaningful connections and lets you identify the existing connections of your clients with ease.

You can also identify influencers with the desired skills, technical expertise or simply as per your locations.


5. SocialTwist

It is working on a unique strategy that will enable a company to build strong connections with their advocates and partners, who can help them promote their products and services. It believes in the creation of incentive-based promotional programs and works in sync with customer referrals. This has helped them acquire new customers efficiently, along with providing a high return-on-investment (ROI).

They already have a rich experience in the field of advocacy and referrals as they have worked with major brands like P&G, Coca Cola, Costco etc for creating their promotional campaign.

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