Oculus Quest is the revolutionary Gaming VR

Oculus Quest has been one of the most important subjects to talk about in the world of VR gaming. To be launched in the coming weeks, the gadget has been developed to provide the users with the best in class graphics that they have ever experienced in VR gaming. But, the Oculus Quest is not the only gadget that has been launched in 2019. Rival products like the Valve Index brings the users top-notch resolution. So how different are these two new hardware is? Well, both have separate benefits, but can you really compare both of these? We don’t think so.

The Oculus Quest will be launched on 21st May and on the same day, Rift S that has been scheduled for launch as well. In the case of the Oculus device, you will not require any external control stations to be purchased because there is an app that can allow you to do all activities. The moment you put on the Quest to play a game you will be able to understand the premium quality of the device.

We tested some of the best VR games in the market like the Beat Saber and we were really astonished at the performance levels the Oculus devices was able to provide. To play the game you will need to have two different colored light swords in your hands and slice the incoming boxes to increase your points. There are arrows that will say in which direction you will need to slice. You would also want to keep away from obstacles or bombs. The game is mostly influenced a lot by rhythmic flow and when you use the Oculus Quest, there is no lag or hardware limitation. Even the soundtrack was clear and prominent with adequate loudness in the sound. You don’t need to use any external headphones for listening to the sound.

New Features and Changes – Coming to the hardware components of the device, the Oculus Quest comes in two different storage options – 64GB and 128GB. Even though the 64GB is more than enough, you can also pay $100 more and get the 128GB. Moreover, the comfortable fit and ergonomic design of the VR device makes it possible for the users to keep it glued to their eyes for a long period of time. Unlike the Oculus Go, this device comes with the Oculus Insight technology. So how can this feature be helpful? Well, this feature tracks the user’s movement in the virtual world and keep them as a record on the device storage.

The biggest advantage and highlight of the Oculus Quest have been the fact that earlier Oculus devices would require the users to couple the VR device with powerful computer processors in order to get a solid virtual experience. But that is not the case anymore. The VR device can now function with the same efficiency and power only with the help of standard mobile hardware. So that is a huge improvement in terms of hardware integration and users can get a VR experience without owning a good PC setup.

Final Words – Oculus Quest has the absolute potential to deliver all of what the Virtual Reality devices have been missing over the years. Available at $399 for the 64GB variant and $499 for the 128GB variant, the Oculus Quest will be available on different online websites and offline stores from 21st May.

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